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Aimee Lynn is a
published international wedding
photographer based in Springfield , IL
We specialize in weddings for the modern chic & adventurous couples.   


hey gorgeous!

 Some would describe me as fun, outgoing, and a big ball of energy!
I have a great sense of humor and love to laugh and I'm a romantic at heart , about a year ago I decided to pursue photography full time, it felt like exactly what I was supposed to be doing. 

Now, I have the privilege of photographing weddings all around the globe! You can typically find me in the Chik-fila-A drive thru or at Panera eating french toast bagels.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet, I'm excited to get to know each other!

more about me 

I ' M  a i m e e   L Y N N 

A french toast bagel-loving, peony-obsessed, pepsi-drinking

 twenty-something who loves to travel & photograph beautiful weddings


"Aimee is an amazing photographer! She's passionate, she gets to know all of her clients and truly makes your feel comfortable!"

Airiana + Skyler


v i s i t  o u r  

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“When I met Aimee at a Bridal Expo, I knew that I had found my photographer. She was kind , easy to talk to , and I loved the pictures she had taken. I know that I will have amazing photos to cherish for a lifetime”.

Michelle + Matthew

"I recommend Aimee
to every engaged couple I know!

She is a gifted wedding photographer through and through! We couldn't be happier or more excited!"

Elise + Chad