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Little miss Mia | 3 months


Hey everyone, today I am sharing a beautiful story written by the mamma of this

beautiful baby girl , my assistant Airiana had taken a few portraits of the little miss and

we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share with expecting parents other

inspiring stories of new parents trying to make it through with a newborn I asked Shaye

to share with us some of the emotions and what it felt like to them as they started this

new chapter in their life. We are soo excited to talk about miss Amelia’s story.



Finding out i was pregnant was the happiest day of Todd and I’s life.

From the moment I found out, I instantly knew I would be having a little girl.

We found out we were expecting a few weeks before Mother’s Day so we went and

bought each of our moms a “grandma” onesie for their Mother’s Day gifts.

The looks on their faces was absolutely priceless. Before pregnancy, we never had a girls

name set in stone, all we knew is that her middle name would be Ruth, after my great

grandma Vonna Ruth Durban .


I saw Amelia while scrolling through Pinterest, and we decided then that she would be

our little Amelia Ruth Easton. My first trimester was rough to say the least. I couldn’t

keep food down, and I was so tired that right after work I went to bed most nights.

My second trimester was a breeze- then came the third. It was filled with high blood

pressure, swelling, and never being able to get comfortable at night.


At my 38 week check up, my blood pressure was through the roof. My OB sent me to the

hospital where they then decided it was baby time! After a 4 day induction and Amelia’s

heart tones dropping, it was ultimately decided that a c-section was what was best and

safest for all of us.


Words can’t even begin to describe the feelings and emotions I had when I heard them announce that we had a healthy 8lb 3.5oz beautiful baby girl.


 Holding her for the first time is a moment I could never forget. While the first few days

were rough while adjusting to being new parents and trying to figure out how to

breastfeed, we wouldn’t trade our little princess for anything. She has a smile that lights

up a room, and a giggle that fills each and every heart with such joy. Three and a half

months later, and I love her more and more each day.  She has completed our life in a

way we never knew was possible .




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