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Spring style update


Hey guys, long time no see .. well as you can tell we’ve kinda been

under construction as we are working on a brand new online home.. so excuse our mess

and my absence I’m truly sorry !! Anyways.. we will be posting  weekly on Tuesday’s and

Thursday’s from now on until busy wedding season picks up! How exciting right?


Okay so back to the fun stuff.. So as you all have noticed I’m totally obsessed with style..

and always staying on trend! I just got my first spring box from my stylist Erin , I’m

always excited for my fix day. I feel like it’s christmas almost every month lol, so I usually

write Erin  a lovely note along with my pint rest boards she checks to make sure she

grabs items that will fit my style. My note usually is something about a special occasion

that I may need a specific item for.. or I usually tell her the trends I’m going for this

upcoming fix. She always pays close attention to the things I write down and tries almost

every time to get what I ask for if they have it on hand.

stitch fix  spring style update

This specific stitch I had asked for more tops, I asked and she delivered ! She’s the best (:

I love the style cards she sends as outfit inspiration and I always take those into consider

when planning out my outfit for the day ! So in the mood for spring I created my own

personal checklist for all the essentials for a wardrobe refresh (:


Spring Fashion Checklist:









If you are interested in Stitch fix even just a little go and check it out !! It’s amazing (:

you won’t regret it , I promise !!







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