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Rustic Spring Wedding | Blue Mound, IL


Everyone meet Lexie + Rob

married : May 06, 2018

They met five years ago over social media through mutual friends, Their first date was a

chinese restaurant in Virden, IL. ” We sat and talked. Mostly laughed. That is what I

remember most about our first few months together. We laughed a lot”. – Lexie.



In our apartment he tricked me into giving him my hand by saying one of our son’s toys

was under the chair I was sitting in. I gave him my right and and he said no the other

hand will be able to reach it better.

So not thinking I reached down towards the bottom of the chair with my left hand and

he grabbed it and stuck out a ring that his grandmother gave him. {Run on sentence.

Crying. LOL.} He said, “this is not how I planned to do this. But this is the right time.” Not

much I can remember because I was just shocked. Mind you– I found that ring like 4 or 5

times before he proposed. LOL.



We love to get on the couch in our jammies and watch movies or new tv shows. We are

parents so the adventurous things we used to do, have changed quiet a bit. We love to get

a night out or in to drink with ourselves.


I would have to say last year on our anniversary, we did not have a lot of money because

of my birthday being the next week. I made Rob dinner and had a nerf gun waiting for

him in the house. I said “loser has to vacuum the house. May the odds be in your favor.”

We even got Blake in on the action. That has to be one of my favorite days. We laughed.

Blake laughed. We tortured each other for weeks with those things. I had mine hidden in

the house for months for a great occasion to bust them out again. Blake found it while I

was doing laundry and unloaded the whole clip. So the bullets have been thrown away

for now. LOL


We asked the groom why he loved his bride to be and he had a very sweet answer “She is

very hard headed, definitely very stubborn, doesn’t beat around the bush, but because of

these qualities she is very passionate, loyal and honest. I love everything about her the

good and what she may think is the bad with out either one of these things it wouldn’t be

her that I have fallen so in love with”. – Rob


We asked Lexie why she loved Rob and why she was excited to marry him and her

genuine response is too cute “His spirit. He has such a loving spirit, that he definitely gets

from his parents. He doesn’t do it all the time which makes it special he will just leave me a

letter or text me the sweetest things about how happy he is and how much he loves me. We

tell each other we love each other all the time but, its nice getting lovely little messages that

just make your day. Also his persistently bad jokes. Sometimes he has some good ones but,

he really thinks he is hilarious and it is so cute”. – Lexie 






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