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Okay guys , so its been a little while since I’ve posted anything personal on here due to the holidays

and being a super busy boy mom! So here’s a little background on what you’ve missed since I’ve been away.

Liam and I decided to put a little heart and crafts into our holiday gifts this year, we spent time at

my all time favorite store Hobby Lobby and grabbed some supplies and then got to work.

Add a personal touch to your Christmas tree and home with these easy DIY Christmas ornaments and decorations.

For our ornaments we chose to do wood slices , they are cute and super easy for kids!

What supplies will you need?

The main part of this project is the rough edge wood coaster that will be your base. You can find them at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s or any other local craft stores, to make them an ornament we used jute twine and red bow ribbons.

You will also need paintbrushes, a pencil with an eraser, and the paint colors white, black, orange, red, brown, and light blue.

the brand of paint we chose was Anita’s acrylic craft paints.

the last of the supplies was a glue gun to attach the jute twine to the back so that they could hang on the Christmas tree.

we really enjoyed making these precious ornaments for our family and friends this holiday season, stay tuned to

keep up with the other arts and crafts we will be doing throughout 2018.

Thanks for reading!


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