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Downtown Springfield Spring Engagement Session | Erica + Ray


Hey everyone , let’s take a few minutes out of our busy week and meet

Erica + Ray they are one of our ALP couples who are more than perfect for each other,

I got the pleasure over the weekend to photograph their engagement portraits for them!


Erica shared with us their amazing love story ,

“We met at Lanphier High School through  mutual friends. We have dated for 9.5 years and

will be getting married just a few weeks after our 10 year anniversary”. -Erica 



Our first date was at a friend’s apartment building complex and we went swimming! It

all started with a random text message. Rayzor texted me and asked if I wanted to go

swimming with him and his friend Cody. Nervous, I called his sister Anna to ask if she

would tag along with us and she agreed. I’m so glad I went because we’ve been

inseparable ever since that day!


One time I was getting my hair done at JCPennys. He dropped me off at my appointment,

ran a few errands, then came back to sit and wait for me. He walked into the salon and

saw who he thought was me and walked up and placed his hand on her shoulder and

said “hey babe!” Heather, my stylist, had never met Rayzor before and was confused and

shocked that a complete stranger would do that to a woman he had never met before. He

apologized and immediately apologized when he realized I was laughing hysterically

under the dryer across the room.

On Mother’s Day, him and our first born son Jaice woke me up with breakfast in bed –

homemade waffles with confetti sprinkles with a glass of strawberry milk. As he put the

tray down in front of me, he got down on one knee and I noticed the ring box on the tray.

It was so sweet!


Erica shared some of their favorite things to do together as a couple

” We love to have our own paint nights and have quite a collection going now”. – Erica

They have 3 dogs- Chino, Roscoe, and BabyGirl. She stated “We come from completely

different backgrounds but I think that helps bring us together.

We balance each other out”. – Erica


We asked Ray what he loved most about Erica and his response was something straight

out of a Nicolas Sparks novel.  “I love her smile, how caring and funny she is. She is full of

life”. – Ray  and we also asked Erica what she loved most about Ray “The love he has for

his children and family, he always knows how to make me laugh even when I don’t want to

and I love that we can be goofy together, his ability to remain calm and grounded in the

midst of chaos”. – Erica

We are so incredibly excited to be apart of their special day ,

Stay tuned for portraits from their wedding !








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