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Hey guys today is LAUNCH DAY ! I’m soooo excited can you tell? So this is what I’ve been working on for a few months now it took me a very long time to come up with a name but I finally found one I could click with and I’m so excited to be sharing it with you today !  I’m hoping these podcasts will do more than just educate you as listener’s its really just a way for me to help other small business owners and entrepreneurs make their vision become a reality for their business !


Here are our show notes from our very first episode of The PhotoBoss Podcast :



We are so so excited that you’re here !  With this podcast it will teach you how to get from a part-time job or a full-time job to making your passion your full-time career!

Alright,  so let’s kick this thing off.. what we’re going to do is going to be more of a conversational style workshop based podcast, we won’t be talking at you or just making you listen. We will be helping you, walking with you side by side helping you get your business to where you would like it to be ultimately taking those goals by the horns and  how to finally feel like yourself and being small business owner.


My name is Aimee Lynn and I will be the host of The Photo Boss podcast I am actually from a small town here in Central Illinois,  I was born and raised here and funny story high school mascot is actually a pretzel and that to let you know everyone has always made fun of me for it and tell me ” oh you are served with nachos and cheese”.  and I’m like yes yes I know!  So for me you know this is my face, my name and my business and where I came from and you know having an online presence.

 Now, way back when when I started back in 2011 as soon as I graduated high school I actually started out photographing seniors and babies and families and all those things are really really great and all really inspirational moments in life that you know you want photographed and you want to hang them on your wall but then I actually got started on weddings and then  I had a first taste of a wedding and I swear to you I will never go back you know I love weddings you know more than the air that I breathe, I started out going and shooting weddings at $750.00 with little to no experience, people nowadays are charging $7,500!

If  you’re just starting out,  I just want to teach you how to book clients that are going to let you be yourself and let you do the job that you’re supposed to be doing.  Also, how to gain those true clients that are there for you and for your work and not just for your price or not just because you’re the cheapest one in town. I want people who want me for me and my personality my you know my name and where I came from and you know my authentic real self.

 That’s what I’m going to be doing for you it’s helping you along the way that we have an education series where we’re going to have like five podcast intermingled in between some of the other stuff we’re doing. We’re going to talk about mastering ring shots in know how to create your own presets. Also, We’re going to have free education schools and online websites that you can get on how we’re going to get sharp focus and all your pictures and then we’re going to talk about how to make pricing less awkward. I know that is a huge thing I’m starting out no pricing was huge for me I always compare myself to other people around the central Illinois area.

From then  on I decided my prices from there you know but everyone has their own value and it took me a step back to and to realize like what is my value what do I want to charge you know how how much is my time worth and taking away from a three year old and having hockey fights in the kitchen and watching Ferdinand the bull 20 times before he goes to sleep.



Like I said I stopped doing everything under the sun and really honed in on being a wedding photographer.  Wedding photography has been such an eye-opener to me, if you know me you’ll know that I love people in love and I love photographing things that are unexplained. The type of stuff that you can just see them interacting with each other and genuinely smiling and getting authentic feelings from these photos is why I do what I do.

Knowing it all started with one with one wedding and to go back and look at that and now I’m doing 15 a year.  I’m making an actual income that allows me  to support my child, that is really huge and every once in awhile I ‘ll get a client or a friend who  asks me ” what did you do?”  and “how did you do this?”  then I also get  ” what kind of camera should I get?” or “I’m going to start a blog.. how did you do it?” So hopefully these  podcast  episodes will help you grow and help you foster your clients and teach you how to get clients that are worth your time you know not to say that anybody is not worth your time or you know that it’s a waste of your time because it’s not but you do have to find you know the ones that want you and want to keep you.


For example,  I have one one client that has been by my side since the very beginning and I tell her this every single time that she is a godsend and you know I booked her books her wedding and then she became pregnant and then I took those milestones with them and for them and I feel like that’s really helped me we are not just take on every little project that I can do and overworked myself and really helped me just focus on what I’m supposed to be doing and that’s weddings and babies and engagement and telling their story from start to finish.



Make sure you listen to the full podcast available on iTunes , we will continue to post show notes and all resources mentioned in the show on our blog post incase you miss anything ! Thank you so much for reading, We hope you enjoy our podcast .. let us know if there’s any pressing topics you would like to learn more about.

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